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Southwest Research Center – Tribune

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Southwest Research Center - Tribune
1474 State Highway 96
Tribune, Kansas 67879
Phone: (620) 376-4761
Fax: (620) 376-2278


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Dryland Cropping Systems




  • Obour, A.K., A.J. Schlegel, R. Perumal, J.D. Holman, D. Ruiz Diaz. 2019. Evaluating grain sorghum hybrids for tolerance to iron chlorosis. J. Plant Nutrition. DOI:101080/01904167.2018.1549677.

  • Rudnick, D. R., S. Irmak, C. West, I. Kisekka, T.H. Marek, J. Schneekloth, D. Mitchell McCallister, V. Sharma, K. Djaman, J. Aguilar, J.L. Chávez, M. Schipanski, D.H. Rogers, A.J. Schlegel. 2019. Deficit irrigation management of maize in the High Plains Aquifer region: A review. Journal of the American Water Resources Association. DOI:10.1111/1752-1688.12723

  • Schlegel, A.J., Y., Assefa, L.A. Haag, C.R. Thompson, and L.R. Stone. 2019. Yield and overall productivity under long-term wheat-based crop rotations: 2000 through 2016. Agron. J. 111:264-274.

  • Schlegel, A.J., Y., Assefa, L.A. Haag, C.R. Thompson, and L.R. Stone. 2018. Long-term tillage on yield and water use of grain sorghum and winter wheat. Agron. J. 110:269-280. doi:10. 213 4/ag ronj2017.02 .010 4

  • Schlegel, A.J., F.R. Lamm*, Y. Assefa, and L.R. Stone. 2018. Dryland corn and grain sorghum yield response to available soil water at planting. Agron. J. 110:236-245. doi:10.2134/agronj2017.07.0398

  • Holman, J.D., K. Arnet, A. Dille, I. Kisekka, S. Maxwell, A. Obour, T., Roberts, K. Roozeboom, and A.J. Schlegel. 2018. Can cover or forage crops replace fallow in the semiarid central Great Plains. Crop Sci. 58:1-13.

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Contact Information

Alan Schlegel

Schlegel, Alan
Soil Management
Southwest Research-Extension Center
1474 State Hwy 96
Tribune, KS 67879-7956
Phone: 620-376-4761
Fax : 620-376-2278
E-mail: schlegel@ksu.edu
Website: Research Projects